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The TYPO3 Version 11 (LTS) is here - Update now!

The new TYPO3 11 (LTS) version guarantees bug fixes and security updates until October 2024 and replaces the LTS version 9.5.

 Typo3 11 is here

The new advantages with TYPO3 11 (LTS)

Overall Goals

  • Quick and straightforward upgrade path from TYPO3 v9 and TYPO3 v10 installations
  • Improved experience for editors and administrators
  • Focus on accessibility for TYPO3 Backend
  • Streamlined authentication

TYPO3 v11 LTS version will be fully supported for 1.5 years, and will be supported with security and critical fixes until October 2024.

Update to TYPO3 11, of course! - But how right?

Updates of older TYPO3 projects to TYPO3 10 very often confront the developer with open questions:

  •     Is the server software compatible (e.g. at least PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5.5)?
  •     What all has to be considered for the project?
  •     Do all installed extensions work?
  •     Is the TypoScript compatible?

We know what has to be considered, what all still works and what all has to be renewed or replaced.